TV & Radio

Broadcast Producer and Columnist

Angie Le Mar is more than a triple threat. Acclaimed Comedian, host, actress, and theatre producer, who innovates new genres in the arts and culture and has spear headed new works of art in online sitcoms, theatre and tv ( The Brothers on MTV BASE Sky 351 and cultural comment content for women of colour ( Ladies Talk Sky 218)

Angie has given numerous new, young talented actors their first big breaks, and stays connected to what’s current via many project outlets.


Angie Le Mar Started her Radio career on BBC GLR in the late 90’s and showed a natural flare for communicating with a Radio audience, she knew from that experience she wanted to continue in radio.

Joining Choice FM Radio with a late night show called Ladies Room; Angie continued to hone her skills and built a strong listenership.  But it was the Saturday Morning Show that catapulted Angie to a wider audience where she was had the weekend’s biggest listenership for many years, she was very confident to be able to tell her listeners, “Do your Shopping on a Friday” which became her famous tagline.

Angie will return to Radio one day.


Here are some of the images and audio clips from Angie’s TV and Radio shows