When Angie wrote The Brothers, it started as a radio drama, she wanted to create a radio drama for Choice FM that would make them stop and be tuned in, the radio show was a huge success, bringing in thousands of new listeners, it didn’t take Angie long to recognize that she had a hit show on her hands. She tested it in the Bullions Rooms. To a packed sellout run, the show immediately transferred to the main space The Hackney Empire.

Preview of MTV Base adaptation of The Brothers

The Brother is about three childhood friends, who experience betrayal in their friendship. It’s also looks at their relationships and shows a little glimpse of love between the brothers of the UK.

Far too often we don’t get to see these stories told, we see the criminal side, but not the aspirational side. No surprise this show was received well, smashing the box office, as the fasted selling show bar Hamlet in the history of the theatre at that time.

Bluesandsoul features The Brothers

The Brothers: Before it became a theatre and TV hit, The Brothers started as a radio drama on Choice FM Radio Produced by Ivor Etienne.

Here are some of the images, audios & videos from the show