It is important to have the right tone for any event; sometimes you may need a gifted comedic talent to get a serious message across. Angie has a wealth of experience, from a social commentary point of view; she has spoken on numerous occasions on topics ranging from Education, Domestic Violence, Gang crime, Young Women, as well as Entertainment and Business.

When it comes to events, there is no event too big or too small for Angie to share that very special message.

We all want to feel empowered; we all want to be reminded that we can achieve what we set out to be.

One of Angie greatest memory:

“ I  spoke at a young offenders prison once, and I remember looking at the young men and thought to myself, this is so sad, and then I remember saying, we don’t need you in here, we need you outside, back as sons, brothers, friends and lovers,  please don’t come back in here, if you do, it’s a choice you made”

Years later, Angie met an older man who said, he was in the prison that day, and he heard her, he left prison, got his life together, became a Muslim and had a family, and thanked her for her special timely words.

As a young girl Angie didn’t enjoy school, and never really understood why. Excluded from school she faced a lot of difficulties and struggled through education, but was later diagnosed with dyslexic, she embraced it, she never gave up and, she too was inspired by many; she knows only too well the power of words and being inspired by someone who is willing to share in detail all that is possible.

Angie has the instinctive know how to take your key message, by capturing the essence of what your meeting/event is designed to do, and highlight in full effect to your audience.


Guest Panels

  • Gov Madeleine May Kurin
  • Ms Maytte Restrepo- Ruiz CT Coalition Against Domestic Violence USA
  • Ms Teresa C. Younger Executive Director, CT Permanent Commission on the status of Women USA.
  • Dr Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya of Gender and Family and promotions, Rwanda
  • Dr Deepti P Mehrotra Activist, Writer and Social Scentist, India.
  • Dr Lucrecia Ramirez Restrepo, Columbia.
  • Lee Marvin Vice President of the University of Connecticut.
  • Yomi Abiola International Model Face of Maybelline Make up.

Angie Le Mar at the University of Connecticut for The UNESCO AWARDS hosted by Chair Amii Omara- Otunnu

The Conference Women Leading The Way, a very powerful day of great stories and information.

Angie was a guest speaker and was also awarded an Unesco Award for her work with young women, in particular the production Do you know where your Daughter is? And The Beautiful Daughters Project.


“Angie Le Mar is most of all a very funny and insightful comedienne. She cares passionately for young folks and women. I run a Community Based Housing Organization in South London where Angie grew up. Angie performed for us a number of times in front of truly diverse Audiences.  Without exception our community loves her, and wish her all the best for her future projects. We are very proud of her and feel she is a great role model for us all.”

Jim Ripley

Chief Executive, Phoenix Housing.

“Angie is more than a comedian; she is an articulate Business Woman, with the ability to every level.”

Claudine Reid MBE