Full Circle is Angie’s first book. Released March 16 2017.


Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 17.11.55Book Description

“Born Angela Leonie Martin, as a child Angie always knew she could make people laugh, the youngest of four brothers, Angie grew up very close to her family, and was very much protected. In this book we get a chance to hear how important her brothers teaching her to fight gave her the confidence in life to deal with some of the blows life threw at her, and there were some low blows.

Angie’s parents are very religious and supportive of her; she was not a spoilt child, but definitely a tomboy.

It was Angie older brother Michael who spotted her gift to make people laugh and Angie would find her brothers to be her first audience.

This book is a hilarious tale that chronicles her childhood challenges; her rise to stardom and the magical journey that would draw her back to support and empowers.
Angie’s life so far has been roller coaster, but none could prepare her for the journey back to where she first performed, the Church!

Full Circle is Angie’s inspirational funny view of life.